another dawn



another dawn

  • vocal: juliet Heberle
  • music: arabesque Choche
  • lyrics: Chouchou

遠くに見えた 私たちの闇
風を纏う間には 忘れさせて

この世界に 耐えられはせずに
この道を歩くの 行方知らず

白む空の向こう 私を 私の火を
祈りにも 悲鳴にも異なる声をあげて

遠くに見えた 音の無い光
あのいかづちすらも 今は彼方

あの嵐を 逃げてこれたのね
風を纏い飛んだ あの鳥達

いつか 抱いた夢 花 貴方の声まで
ねぇ いつか闇の果て 心の奥にいても
溢れる陽を 思い出したら

あの日消えた 夜明けへと
いつか 帰るわ

we see our darkness in the distance
while I'm wrapped in the wind, let me forget

with this unbearable world of sorrow
I'm walking on this road to nowhere

over the first gray of dawn
I close my eyes to the red light
that used to shine on me, my life
it's neither a prayer nor a scream
but with all my heart
I just wish I could make time stand still at this moment

we see the silent lightning in the distance
but the thunder is gone now

the birds have escaped from the storm
And now they're flying up in the wind

someday my dream, flowers, your voice
and all the things filled my life may be lost
but if I still want to take them back
someday I may be alone in the deep darkness
but if I still remember the light of hope
I want you to say to me, "Let's go back."
then I will

to the dawn lost on that day
someday I will