Chouchou 10th Anniversary CD Albums The Best of Chouchou [2007-2017] Out Feb. 23

To celebrate Chouchou's 10th anniversary, Chouchou released three CD albums, The Best of Chouchou [2007-2017] Ⅰ-Ⅲ. The albums include songs representing their early works to latest works selected mainly by fans voting from 119 songs released in the past 10 years from 2007 to 2017.

All tracks were newly BAastered by arabesque, and some tracks were even reborn in terms of wideness of sound field and clarity of sound image by reviewing from mixing and MIDI programming. This compilation of their decade of works consisting of three albums with total 34 songs is enough to reveal their 10-year history.

Chouchouの活動10周年を記念して同時リリースされた3枚のアルバム、The Best of Chouchou [2007-2017]シリーズはChouchouの2007年から2017年までの10年間にリリースされた全119曲の中から、ファン投票を主軸に厳選されたChouchouの初期から現在を代表する楽曲で綴られた珠玉のベストアルバム。


Chouchou - "The Best of Chouchou [2007​-​2017]" Trailer


The first chapter "Ⅰ Argentavis" mainly focuses on dynamic upbeat tracks mixing with solid urban songs to express "movement" which is one of the important element of Chouchou.

第一章『Ⅰ Argentavis』は躍動感や疾走感溢れるナンバーを中心に硬質で都会的な楽曲を織り交ぜて描くChouchouの「動」。

  • sputnik
  • Cloud 9
  • 1619kHz
  • teardrop
  • fjord (cold rouge mix)
  • neverland
  • eclipse
  • aldebaran
  • Cloud 9 (industrial mix)
  • gravity


In the second chapter "Ⅱ Stella," a gemlike collection of Chouchou's best ballads shows the story with full of emotion.

第二章『Ⅱ Stella』はChouchouの王道とも言える人気のバラード曲たちが紡ぎ出すChouchou独特の「愁」の物語。

  • B612
  • sign
  • anemone
  • dawn
  • sora shiranu ame, sora ni shirarenu yuki
  • 空知らぬ雨、空に知られぬ雪
  • Arkadia
  • spira
  • eterna
  • Innocence


In the third chapter “Ⅲ Crystal,” under the theme of stillness, the delicate songs mainly with warm crystal-clear sounds of piano and vocals create an infinitely transparent and beautiful world of music.

第三章『Ⅲ Crystal』はChouchouの「静」の部分をテーマに、優しく透き通るようなピアノやボーカルをメインとした繊細な曲たちが描き出す、限りなく透明で美しい音の世界。

  • in a field of snowdrops
  • a monster is still crying
  • Eve
  • LUNARIA (piano)
  • eternal gravity
  • r.i.p.
  • dancer
  • Uroboros
  • Andante
  • fairy
  • torso
  • even butterflies will be
  • sign 0


As special gifts for CD purchase, each CD album contains the following items.


Special Card

Special Card


Separately designed for each album (Autographed ver. is available in limited quantity.)


Download Code

Download Code


A bonus track*1 and instrumental ver.*2 of each album (All 2018 Remastered)

未収録ボーナストラック1曲*1と各アルバム収録曲のインスト(オフボーカル)版*2 (全て2018 Remastered)

*1 Bonus Tracks

*1 未収録ボーナストラック

Ⅰ Argentavis - coma, Ⅱ Stella - City, Ⅲ Crystal - spira (piano)

*2 Except the following tracks

*2 以下の収録曲を除く

Piano works, Remix tracks: fjord (cold rouge mix), Cloud 9 (industrial mix) and teardrop

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Ⅰ Argentavis

Ⅱ Stella

Ⅲ Crystal