Night and Wanderer

remix04 rem" is Chouchou's 4th remix album reconstructed with only vocals and piano, the two main cores of Chouchou's music.

From many layers of the beautiful chorus by juliet surrounding main vocals and piano to the sound of plucking the strings inside the piano and even the creaking sound of the piano chair, each of those small sounds were all carefully calculated and placed.

By more delicately adding and subtracting sounds than ever before, arabesque made this album with the minimum sounds. It's full of freshness and transparency almost like extracting Chouchou's music at highest purity.

The album contains 10 tracks including 8 tracks specially selected and remixed for this album from all the released songs, the opening song "prologue" as an introduction for rem (REM sleep) and the ending song "epilogue" which leads you to the deeper sleep at the end of the album.

For the 8 remixed tracks, all the vocals were newly re-recorded. And they still have the same melodies as originals, but they largely changed their figures by making drastic changes in the arrangements, so you will surely enjoy the new beauty of the familiar songs.

In this purest form of Chouchou's music, you will fall into a doze, travel along your dreams like reading stories and be taken to the peaceful sleep.

Chouchouにとって二大主軸であるボーカルとピアノのみで再構築されたリミックスアルバム4作目「remix04 rem」。






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  • 01. prologue
  • 02. in a field of snowdrops
  • 03. Luna
  • 04. 空蝉の時雨 - utsusemi no shigure
  • 05. eternal gravity
  • 06. Dear anemone,
  • 07. fairy
  • 08. Goodbye, sputnik
  • 09. LUX Aeterna
  • 10. epilogue

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OUT MAR 5 2016


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