New music video “Sapphire” released新作ミュージックビデオ『Sapphire』公開

“As we struggle desperately in our daily lives, where everything is a blur and even the boundaries are vague, we are sure to recall something someday. That time, which will never come back again, becomes an extremely beautiful and faint memory that will forever haunt our hearts.”

arabesque’s delicate and transparent music, maya’s guitar that gently accompanies, and juliet’s lyrics and ethereal voice all overlap to create a fragile and beautiful world.

The new music video “Sapphire” is the lead song of the new album “co-01 Saihate no Dahlia” released on Dec 1st, 2021. It was the first release from “co-“, a new album line created for collaborative works. Inviting Orcaorca’s maya Kawadias as a guest member, Chouchou’s new album “Saihate no Dahlia” depicts a sentimental world in a more organic and pop way than ever before, using plenty of live sounds. Along with the instrumental version, it is now available for download and streaming.

“Saihate no Dahlia” Special Site



Chouchouの新作ミュージックビデオ『Sapphire』は、2021年12月11日にリリースされたChouchouの約2年ぶりのニューアルバム『co-01 最果のダリア』のリードソング。「共に」「共同の」を意味するコラボレーション作品のために新たに作られたアルバムライン『co-』からリリースした第一作目。Orcaorcaのmaya Kawadiasをゲストメンバーに迎え、生音をふんだんに使い、未だかつて無いほどオーガニックに、そしてポップに描かれた全7曲の感傷的世界。インスト版と共に、各種音楽ダウンロード/ストリーミングサービスにて配信中。