Hello, Astronauts

After two years from the release of the previous "Traveling Nights" themed album "theme02 Night and Wanderer," the scene is now shifted to the universe, and Chouchou releases their third concept album "theme03 Hello, Astronauts" as the last release of 2019. The album contains nine tracks, and while challenging the most epic theme, "The Universe," Chouchou writes its divinity, enigma, and beauty sometimes intensely, sometimes lightly, and sometimes lyrically. It is a record of "Space Traveling" that can only be written by Chouchou. The album is released with its instrumental version "inst08 Hello, Astronauts" (8 Tracks) on December 13th, 2019.

「夜を旅する」をテーマに制作された前作『theme02 Night and Wanderer』から2年。舞台を宇宙へと移し、2019年最後に放たれる待望のコンセプトアルバム三作目『theme03 Hello, Astronauts』。全9曲で構成された本作は、「宇宙」というChouchou史上最も壮大なテーマに挑みながら、その神々しさ、不可解さ、美しさを時に激しく、時に軽快に、時に叙情的に綴った、Chouchouにしか描けない「宇宙への旅」の記録。インスト版『inst08 Hello, Astronauts』(全8曲)と共に2019年12月13日にリリース。

"theme03 Hello, Astronauts" Trailer

"theme03 Hello, Astronauts" Trailer

  • Voyager
  • World's end lullaby
  • The void
  • Satellite
  • Hyper-euphoria
  • Lovers
  • Demagogue
  • Klemola
  • Farewell, Astronauts