It's been 4 years since the previous piano album "piano01 oto" was released. And this time, as a composer and as a pianist, arabesque faced piano whole-heartedly and put the all sensibilities he has now into this album "piano02 opus". Like impressionistic paintings with colorful paints of sounds, his delicate lyrical works complete an extremely beautiful world of music that only he can create.

The album contains 18 songs in total including "andante," the song he composed and played for their own wedding ceremony, and the songs that were played in arabesque's first piano solo concert held in the fall 2018. And as a special gift for CD purchase, CD will come with an autographed card by Chouchou. (First press limited edition only.)

前作「piano01 oto」から4年――――。

作曲家として、そしてピアニストとして、痛いほど誠実にピアノと向き合い、arabesqueが今持てる感性の全てを注ぎ込んだ渾身のピアノアルバム「piano02 opus」。それはまるで、多彩な音の絵の具で描かれた印象的な絵画のように、繊細で叙情的な曲たちで綴られたarabesqueにしか描くことのできない極上に美しい音楽の世界。


Music Videos

Chouchou - 2nd piano album "opus" Trailer

Chouchou - Piano Album "opus" Trailer

Chouchou - roar


Chouchou - supper, dusk

supper, dusk


  • roar
  • -topia
  • emilie
  • monochrome
  • orbit
  • arlequin
  • owl’s lullaby
  • Cipher
  • etuda
  • Igor
  • calx
  • Lapis
  • andante
  • Menuet
  • mimosa
  • Mask
  • supper, dusk
  • daphne

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